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SIU provides Consulting, Investigation and Analysis, and is Expert Witness, for the Insurance Industry.

SIU investigations of alarm system failure, data analysis and general issues of security are not academic but rather a hands-on approach with emphasis on real-world problems.

Our ability to acquire the facts: from the customer/insured, the alarm equipment manufacturer, the alarm installing/monitoring companies, regulatory agencies, public officials and others; and to relate them to knowledge of how human factors interact with alarm/security technology in the real world, sets us apart and produces results. 

SIU provides regular updates, and comprehensive written or oral reports as requested.

SIU is uniquely qualified to provide answers for:    
   Insurers to determine if the submitted claim fits the event as reported.   
   Arson investigators to help establish the fire evolution time-line,
      and the movement and location of persons relevant to their investigation.   
   Claims managers asking "Why, exactly, am I writing this check?".   
   Attorneys evaluating subrogation options.

   Arson for Profit.   
   Fraudulent Burglary.   
   Fraudulent Proof-of-Loss.    

SIU investigates these and related matters.

We are also expert in the area of forcible entry and alarm system failure.    

Our initial investigation focuses on the physical evidence, reconstruction of the events creating that evidence, and the persons involved, in order to develop a working hypothesis.

This approach generally provides sufficient information for our client to make an informed decision as to the viability of further investigation for the purposes of a claim denial, or a decision to pay the insured and/or pursue other avenues such as subrogation or recovery.

Alarm & Security System Failure:    
   Fire (smoke, heat and manually activated) alarms.    
   Fire Sprinkler-Supervision alarms.    
   Burglar (all types, including audio) alarms.    
   Robbery alarms.   
   Industrial-Process alarms.    
   UL-Listed alarm systems.    
   Video-Surveillance security systems.    
   Access-Control security systems.    

SIU performs post-event forensic investigation and analysis of the operation of an alarm/security system, to establish why and how it did operate, or should have operated, at the time of the loss or event.

Alarm & Security Data - Acquisition and Analysis:    
   Fire Evolution time-line development.   
   Inspection, testing and maintenance records.   
   Monitoring station records.   
   Adequacy and extent of security issues.